Nick: Ethos  Info
Age: 29
Location: Helsinki



Uploaded: 03.09.2008 16:17
Categories: Home entertainment | Room and Desk Shots | Game consoles

Ethos - my desktop :)

my desktop :)

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04.09.2008 06:04 Voryonhehe i just bought same tv on friday =) it*s good one
03.09.2008 21:46 Ethosya its going to the tv :) really good for watching movies
03.09.2008 21:25 pete21yah need a bigger desk lol and is the pc going tho the tv:P
03.09.2008 21:09 laurilrHah, you should see my 22" Samsung next to 42" Mirai ;)
03.09.2008 21:07 Ethoswrong price, the real one is 399 :) ya, it looks bigger, monitor is 22"W
03.09.2008 20:07 Hene987It looks much bigger, when it's next to that screen.
03.09.2008 19:23 Ethos32" Mirai E500 http://www.servit.fi/ 499
03.09.2008 19:04 jurbehow big is that tv? how much it cost?
03.09.2008 16:46 pAbnOh well, true :P
03.09.2008 16:36 laurilrOr he goes to the bed/sofa which is in the lower left corner :P
03.09.2008 16:34 Ethoswatching only when im laying on bed :) its way too close when sitting
03.09.2008 16:28 EeroDaaaamn :D
03.09.2008 16:28 pAbnIsn't that tv(?) way too close? :D If you watch movies from that distance you have to turn your head from left to right to see texts :P