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Age: 29
Location: Helsinki


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Full name: Ethos
Homepage: http://www.servut.us/mirella
Age: 29
Location: Finland, Helsinki

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made my own reservoir :P
made my own reservoi...
made my own new SuperPI 1M record :PP

E7200 @ something like 4,5GHz
made my own new Supe...
my desktop :)
my desktop :)...

i think my temps are way too high :S idle is 40c and full load around 50c. in stock

but when i OC to 3,8GHz it goes to load 75c :S with 1,35V
New case :)

nice mess :D
New case :)...
SuperPI records
SuperPI records ...
OC :)

Next thing that i need is better memorys, these wont go over 500MHz :<
OC :)


8800GTs G92 512MB OC

E7200 @ 3,8GHz

2x G.Skill 2Gb DDR2 800MHz

Samsung T166 500Gb, WD Caviar 640Gb
e4300 OC
e4300 OC