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Age: 31
Location: Houston

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Uploaded: 08.06.2008 08:35
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

kbates666 - My new desk and setup

My new desk and setup

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08.06.2008 19:27 worderroru think so 'coz ur having so much space :P
08.06.2008 19:05 kbates666Not hard at all to clean, just windex it once a week. I bought it here http://shop4.frys.com/product/4350525?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
08.06.2008 17:11 worderrori agree. i have glass table and it looks like crap everyday use , unless u clean it every day. but nice setup :)
08.06.2008 15:22 kuppazkiglass is shit. every other day u have to clean it if u want it to look nice :(
08.06.2008 13:59 LegacyWhat desk that is and where can i get one? Also cool setup.
08.06.2008 12:48 laurilrSitting shouldn't be too difficult, just put the computer between legs etc.
08.06.2008 09:40 vikiTOO MUCH of those blue kathods ! Btw, how u can sit there ? Doesnt that computer is on ur way ?