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this is the whole costume, originally the two halfs were 
stuck together along the sides and i went in the middle
but they came apart. shocking.
this is the whole co...
this is the back of the costume i made, its all chewed up 
because there were no pictures untill after it was stored
in a shed, and rats got in.
this is the back of ...
this is the front of my haloween costume,
the text for the chips was stenciled on after
i scanned and printed the actual text from the
this is the front of...
three more and i should be set...
three more and i sho...
this is a case a friend of mine gave me, and im using till
i finish my scratchbuilt one. 
i made a hard drive rack for it, cut some holes for the
water tubes, and added usb and audio ports to the front.
not really going to do anything crazy to it, as i hope to
not be using it for too long.

the contents:
amd 4200+ x2 with a dangerden waterblock
asus a8n32sli-d
geforce 7900 gtx with a dangerden waterblock
geforce 6200 for the third monitor
promise supertrack ex-8350 8 port sata raid card (pci-e)
seven 36gig raptors in raid 5 ~ 210 gigs
one 150gig raptorX (soon to be two in raid 0)
2 gigs of ocz 2-3-2-8 ram
two hydor pumps (have a third one for hard drive
cooling in the future)
three hwlabs radiators with plans for two more
the reservoir is from a watercooling kit i bought back
in 1999, i dont even remember the name of it.
this is a case a fri...
my computer case and my orginal idea of a multimonitor
my computer case and...
back of my monitor rig, all aluminum and pop rivets.
the L channels are secured against each other to lock
in the 20 degree angles, it feels really sturdy, and i would
guess weighs around 30 pounds.
back of my monitor r...
three au optronics panels mounted on aluminum rails, 
total desktop is 3840x1024.
three au optronics p...