Nick: henegga  Info
Age: 31



Uploaded: 23.05.2008 22:27
Categories: Mice and Mousepads | Keyboards

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22.09.2008 21:40 nanoOh so this is an optical illusion? I tought the mousepad was lifted into the air :P
22.09.2008 20:05 Heikki63Cool idea :D
22.09.2008 20:00 DJanneThat is "eye trick", there is just black paper under mouse mat...
22.09.2008 19:01 JiikaxNice idea :D
22.09.2008 18:47 nanoLooks awesome but I don't know how useful that is
22.09.2008 18:42 vikiomg what fuck is this :D annoying :D
25.05.2008 23:15 pertti85looks weird... but so cool..:D
25.05.2008 21:39 JapalaVinyl tape or something similar to make it look like it floats. :)
25.05.2008 21:05 TekaritCan someone explain to me what in wtf it does. I can see that there is plexi with leds but does it float or something???
25.05.2008 19:01 JapalaHeh, great idea :)
24.05.2008 00:53 aMigawhat is this?:) Looks interesting..
23.05.2008 23:38 hevinalleO.o wtf
23.05.2008 23:34 vikiFirst i was like wtf ? but then i lold' ^^
23.05.2008 22:53 TekaritDoes it float? Magnets? Or black magic?