Nick: alphatros  Info
Age: 28



Uploaded: 11.09.2008 18:36

alphatros - mod-predator


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09.06.2009 01:18 Jealousyi like it. five and a sticker to go with ;) still needs a bit work thought to make it perfect
22.10.2008 20:34 MartyyThat head is coming too much out of the case
14.09.2008 21:38 alphatrosi know it needs to be finished. but i dont have time or place now..
12.09.2008 17:11 pete21liked the predator film..dnt like this predator case lol ;) sayin that if finished to detail then another story ;)
12.09.2008 16:44 nanoThis looks nice. How did you make the mask and hand?
12.09.2008 16:28 Hene987I don't think so. Look those other pics.
12.09.2008 15:32 DJanne...or pic quality...
11.09.2008 19:18 Hene987Good idea, but finishing sucks.