Nick: Tissuntassun  Info
Age: 27
Location: Pukkila



Uploaded: 14.02.2009 21:22
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

Tissuntassun - my movie theatre :)Epson mp5100htpc is behind the sofa

my movie theatre :)
Epson mp5100
htpc is behind the sofa

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22.02.2009 21:53 Tissuntassun*things
22.02.2009 21:52 Tissuntassunnot all adjustments, only some little thinks I can adjust :/
22.02.2009 17:25 alfonsdo you mean that, you cant change the adjustments nomore?
21.02.2009 00:21 Tissuntassunno its not logo, it's soft toy :>
21.02.2009 00:21 Tissuntassunehm.. I cant cos those image adjusments of that is in the remote controller what I don't have :s
21.02.2009 00:13 laurilrIs there a playboy logo in window?
21.02.2009 00:07 alfonsso put the projector higher! take a stool, and make your adjustments.. easy.
20.02.2009 22:22 Tissuntassunno, settings are in memory :D
20.02.2009 19:51 alfonsyou adjust your projector every day?
15.02.2009 15:17 Tissuntassunyea, I know that but I don't have remote controller to projector so I can't adjust all things and there is most important setting of picture adjust :/ that's why projector is so low level :/
15.02.2009 14:18 pretty annoying place for projector imo.. hums next to your ear and you cant load up the sofa full of people ;)