Nick: Tissuntassun  Info
Age: 27
Location: Pukkila



Uploaded: 20.02.2009 15:03
Categories: Winter sports

Tissuntassun -

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22.02.2009 05:57 WoldeNomenes has a red shirt in this pic ;)
22.02.2009 05:56 WoldeYea, and Nomenes is behind me :D
22.02.2009 05:41 Tissuntassunhmm.. our place have alot of blue coldcatods :D but my place is B9/1 :)
21.02.2009 23:21 HaoKiAny good ways of spotting you?
21.02.2009 22:50 pAbnB3/27 o/
21.02.2009 22:36 HaoKiNow where the heck do you guys sit? :P I may come over later on today again... Just spent my time over there 16-21...
21.02.2009 09:43 vikiMeh wants too :(
20.02.2009 22:24 Tissuntassunhaha : D jeah :D it's not the most horrible case in here :D
20.02.2009 22:08 wii4everfreaking awesome case :D
20.02.2009 20:40 laurilrHehe, nice Antec "case" there..