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Age: 23



Uploaded: 25.02.2010 02:23
Categories: Handicrafts | Room and Desk Shots

Builderi - Duct tape wallet v2Ten times better than first onePlease rate and comment

Duct tape wallet v2

Ten times better than first one
Please rate and comment

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28.09.2010 00:49 hjalmaryou might have a proplem whit the normal duck tapes glue... the ones that they really make these wallets is difrent :)
09.05.2010 19:19 lossdriveryes i know, but somehow i don't trust duct tape ;D
09.05.2010 04:00 Builderilossdriver: This isn't Ducti wallet, I made this myself :)
09.05.2010 01:39 lossdriverwhat's wrong with the Ducti wallets except for the price? I've had a A. Eriksson leather wallet for 12 years already and still going strong.
09.05.2010 00:30 DJanneI've seen couple of these. I'm at the Anttilas cash deck
08.05.2010 20:34 LaiskiainenHaha that's awesome! :D
25.02.2010 22:03 rebelmonOh, well then it would be just perfect!
25.02.2010 21:36 BuilderiActually it doesn't smell that much
25.02.2010 20:55 rebelmonThe only minus would be the smell.
25.02.2010 15:11 viki:D looks cool