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Uploaded: 17.11.2008 17:49
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

Tonzzasd - My newest desktop :)Comments and votes are wellcome.

My newest desktop :)

Comments and votes are wellcome.

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26.11.2008 13:16 TonzzasdDunno where is orginal, but i like this, and thats it :).
20.11.2008 13:53 Ilendaren+ one wallpaper: http://www.deviantart.com/download/56071954/don__t_speak_by_clericromeo.jpg The picture's name is "Don't speak"
20.11.2008 13:50 Ilendarenhttp://allexallex.deviantart.com/art/shut-up-part-II-82515061
20.11.2008 13:50 Ilendarenaaand here's one manipulated version of it.
20.11.2008 13:49 Ilendarenhmm... I believe it was the stock from http://yellow-stock.deviantart.com/
20.11.2008 13:46 IlendarenThe Original pic is from deviantart, let me check it up.
19.11.2008 17:26 alfonsgirl is *emo.. why you dont have larger pic?
18.11.2008 22:39 Tonzzasdhttp://www.aijaa.com/v.php?i=3110824.jpg <- dl here, and give good rating for my desktop o/
18.11.2008 20:48 juqqisgood idea Hene987. but jukkapappa(at)hotmail.com and thanks for sending :)
18.11.2008 17:45 Hene987Maybe you should upload it to aijaa.com so everyone can dl it.
18.11.2008 12:12 verrusendikkö taikuri17(at]hotmail.com
17.11.2008 23:06 juqqisnice! did you make it yourself or find from internet? would you like to send my @ ,want to try what this looks at bigger image :)?
17.11.2008 20:19 laurilr"O_O"