Nick: Zarkuss  Info
Age: 34
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 26.02.2009 01:07
Categories: Monitor | Room and Desk Shots

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26.02.2009 19:22 ZarkussNormal price for this is over 340, but i traded few games also. So thats why i got this so cheap. And yeah it is USB wire.
26.02.2009 19:02 ReguThere is usb logo
26.02.2009 18:58 DJanneNo, it's power wire.
26.02.2009 18:20 Cainelooks like USB
26.02.2009 18:12 KapperiWhat is that smaller wire?
26.02.2009 17:38 arttu666i think im going to buy 2400pro pci or something :D 300€ is a bit too much
26.02.2009 17:10 DJanneIt costs over 300.
26.02.2009 17:10 willekHmm I wonder how much lag that adds to the screen output..
26.02.2009 17:09 ZarkussNixari depends you cable quality. Arttu666 i bought this unit from www.mikropasi.fi and it costed me about 230e. But if you are buying this beware, dont use ATI craphics card.
26.02.2009 17:05 arttu666where did u get 1 of these and how much it costs? im having problems with my 3 screen setup cuz of only dualdvi. And my matrox millenium 2 pci stopped workin with windowsxp.
26.02.2009 16:52 nixariatleast my screen if you use vga the picture looks so... old.. nice and clear with dvi.. but in smaller screens such as 19" there aint any big difference..
26.02.2009 16:47 ZarkussIf i push closer to wall i cant reach it good. Now its on perfect position :)
26.02.2009 15:58 YoshiNeither do I, so only benefit of using DVI is that you can leave the adapter out and push the end of your case closer to wall.
26.02.2009 15:04 ZarkussWhats so big deal about VGA? You cant see difference between VGA and DVI. Without technical equipment.
26.02.2009 09:02 ErrtuOuch. VGA in only in your panels. =/