Nick: Wolde  Info
Age: 29
Location: Helsinki



Uploaded: 14.02.2009 19:08
Categories: Peripherals

Wolde - AMD Fanboy in disguise! :D

AMD Fanboy in disguise! :D

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14.02.2009 22:11 Woldei use this becose i forgot my S-Rauta / Agrimarket winter cap to student house.. and i don't have anything else =D
14.02.2009 22:11 JipaDo you guys really think it takes an Intel-logo for you to look geek? :D
14.02.2009 21:48 vikiAkame, yepp :D
14.02.2009 21:27 Akamethese make you look a real nerd, i wouldn't wear these x)
14.02.2009 21:00 Woldeoh... :( what a shame
14.02.2009 20:49 JiikaxSold out :( http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=1578
14.02.2009 20:42 Woldeyou can buy your own one from verkkokauppa.com ;)
14.02.2009 20:21 kuppazkigimme that!