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Location: Müllheim-TrashHomeCity



Uploaded: 27.05.2009 16:29
Categories: Full case | Home entertainment | Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

Gammalf - My Selfmade Ghettoblaster.150W RMS Power.The sound is very fat^^.......

My Selfmade Ghettoblaster.
150W RMS Power.
The sound is very fat^^.......

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20.04.2010 18:37 Laiskiainenhow did you process the surface before the painting? did you paint it with spraypaint?
29.05.2009 00:02 GammalfThe weight is a bit about 14kg...23x12x12inch(60x30x30 cm) is not sooo big...handels are already bought ;=)
28.05.2009 22:26 drakmini see no handles :D
28.05.2009 21:28 NiBaNicely and clean work... :) But i don't like that color.
28.05.2009 17:02 JipaMDF just just fine :) just not the same thing as plywood. Oh and back to the topic: Nice and simple, but isn't it a bit large? How much does that thing weight?
28.05.2009 16:40 GammalfOkay,thanks Jipa, its Medium-density fiberboard .... :-)
28.05.2009 11:11 JipaNono, MDF is MDF also in English and Finnish, I guess. You mean the dense chip-board? Plywood, on the other hand, is the one made from thin sheets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plywood
28.05.2009 09:56 GammalfThe body is 19mm Plywood (MDF in Germany).I dont have choosen black,everybody have black speakers!
27.05.2009 22:00 laurilrThat color is good choise. Different than black.. Always black.. :P
27.05.2009 20:21 KapperiMagnat is quality, but the color is a little bit weard
27.05.2009 20:08 Dualinice but i dont like that color :S
27.05.2009 20:03 jumatuseLooks pretty big. :S Nice still.
27.05.2009 19:37 worderrornice one !
27.05.2009 19:29 hjalmari like the colour off that box :) what is it called? olive?
27.05.2009 17:22 zaketusWhat is that body made of?