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Age: 33
Location: Monza

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Title: Hochrycle
Created: 10.10.2006 17:34
My dear bike :D
DIY Saddle built in rear bikelight  

p.s. batteries are temporarily attached with black tape
DIY Saddle built in ...
Just to show that i'm still alive :D
Made some mod to my bike, new fork, new pedals, new grips, nes saddle...
Unfortunately nothing tuned :"((
No other leds....no will to work on in it....only a project of headlight not finished...and i don't know when it will be finished! lol
Just to show that i'...
Hochrycle, back
Hochrycle, back...
Hochrycle, front
Hochrycle, front...
Here is my bike, the Hochrycle :D
Here is my bike, the...