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Title: Hochram's Reactor
Created: 15.02.2007 22:57
My pc
I made some cable management following EpTheModder's good idea: 

- removed some unused I/O cables
- removed floppy drive
- cut some holes to reroute cables

Yes, I should replace IDE optical drive with a sata one...maybe in the future :D
The result is not as good as the orginal but I'm very happy with it :D
Every idea is welcome
I made some cable ma...
Home-made pc ledlight :D
( light off)
Home-made pc ledligh...
Home-made pc ledlight  :D
Home-made pc ledligh...
Desk modded with two 22cm blue neons, with music control

Here the video : http://www.hochram.altervista.org/Immagini/Out/Deskneon.wmv
Desk modded with two...
My new Pc

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Asus P5b-E
Geforce 8800 GTS
Enermax Liberty 500 W
Case Cooler Master Mystique 631
2x1gb V-Data pc5300 667
DVD +/- LG GSA-H12N Black - 1 pezzo/i
Hdd Hitachi 160Gb S-ATA2
Mouse Logitech LX300
Monitor Samsung SM 931 c

Keyboard is to be changed....
My new Pc