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Age: 31
Location: Monza

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Uploaded: 09.12.2006 01:09
Categories: Handicrafts

Hochram - A little origami :D

A little origami :D

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21.01.2007 20:08 vikilook that paper??
11.12.2006 01:30 HochramWith the led it becomes really wonderful! It has a stunning effect....tomorrow i'll post photos
10.12.2006 13:09 HochramI'll try, now I'm folding another one, white and pink :P
10.12.2006 00:50 Tubelinusplace a led inside to make it cool :D
09.12.2006 14:58 Hochramhttp://www.allthemods.com/project.php?id=115
09.12.2006 13:08 HochramI think it's all modular origami...if you look for geometrical origami on internet you find a lot of stuff....but i wasn't able to find the particular module of my book, i'm going to post it
09.12.2006 11:55 Japalahttp://metku.net/modgallery/detail.php?id=4597 same idea on this one?
09.12.2006 01:47 HochramBe patient, at the moment i have a broken collar-bone :P
09.12.2006 01:46 HochramIt's an origami made from 30 modules lol it took me 2-3 hours to fold it. I have the diagram on a book of geometrical origami, it seems to be difficult to fold,but the worst aspect in folding it its the long time you spend to fold modules...as soon as i can i will post the diagram, you need only instrusctions to fold the simple module and how to create the base unit.
09.12.2006 01:38 JipaWhat the... . We want a project log!