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Age: 31
Location: Monza

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Uploaded: 18.12.2006 15:14
Categories: Handicrafts

Hochram - Five Intersecting TetrahedraDiagram here:http://www.merrimack.edu/~thull/fit.html

Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Diagram here:


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29.01.2008 21:16 HochramNot too hard....the fundamental skill is patience at all :P
29.01.2008 21:07 Teppisand then I knew I wouldn't become a origami master. They were hard to make :)
29.01.2008 21:06 Teppisneat :). I did those when I was in nineth grade :P
11.01.2007 14:57 HochramUhm...professional work! Origami masters create all the things they want....This is very complex!
10.01.2007 23:26 rljchcheck this one http://members.shaw.ca/gtarigan/other/k2-topb.jpg
06.01.2007 14:00 HochramMotivation is the only hope for men rotfl
06.01.2007 08:35 rljchi had motivation when i made my ones but now i don't have :P but perhaps soon i will havo too many boring classes, so perhaps something will be done
19.12.2006 14:24 HochramThank you, but why not? Your origami are more complex than these...
19.12.2006 13:50 rljchgratz for that, i have not enought motivation for make one like that for myself :/
18.12.2006 15:55 HochramAnyway in my opinion this is easier than the icosahedron...
18.12.2006 15:51 HochramLoL, always better than study.... :D this is the period of origami, if I tell you that the icosaherdon was a gift for a girl? :P Now it's all clear? eheh
18.12.2006 15:44 Yoshiu got too much freetime ? :P