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Age: 31
Location: Monza

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Uploaded: 19.02.2007 22:14

Hochram - Home-made pc ledlight :D( light off)

Home-made pc ledlight :D
( light off)

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12.02.2008 22:22 Voryontalking bout deodorants o_O stick is the only option all others doesnt do any good =D
12.02.2008 19:28 worderrorok. i prefer fast dry :)
12.02.2008 16:08 worderror:D i think it dryes too long
11.02.2008 19:17 worderror:D u mean that roll on or spray ?
30.01.2008 17:27 EeroOkey...
30.01.2008 17:24 HochramTry to post the pic of the board on atm and ask, this way it's difficult for me to help you, I've never modded a mouse...
30.01.2008 17:10 Eerowell ctually it is.. but do you know where i could find the right wirings for the model? [M-S69] because i dont want to do something stupid... :)
30.01.2008 16:48 Eeroor do you know is it possible to take the power needed from the wires?
30.01.2008 16:44 Eerooh well, i think that i cant use any leds then.. <_<
30.01.2008 16:38 Eeroive had checked some, but ill check more..
30.01.2008 16:28 HochramUhm, no data sheet... already looked for similar mouse mods?
30.01.2008 16:12 EeroHere, took with my phone :O --- http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f115/Gt-7/Kuva000-1.jpg
30.01.2008 16:01 EeroGoing to get :)
30.01.2008 15:56 HochramSorry but I don't know....i would search on google , any photo of your mouse chipboard?
30.01.2008 15:54 EeroNice, anyway, about the cpnverstaion we were talking yesterday, basicly only thing i know and understand of my mouse is the model, so would you know any place where i could find all info about my mouse with the model number?
20.02.2007 14:18 HochramExactly 3 20000mcd white leds, 3V 30ma ~
20.02.2007 12:55 Xebaof course not.....forgive me.....;)
20.02.2007 12:54 Xebavery nice looking and powerful. do you have only one led in it?