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Title: The iZenith Case
Created: 19.08.2009 22:25
Pictures of my very first case build, that also won an award in 2009 :D
I tried to take a picture of the studded (I hope it's a right word. "niitattu") aluminium bars that help to hold the shape with screws. I used 3,5mm copper rivets (studs,staples???) to fasten it to the plywood.
I tried to take a pi...
The custom made HDD rack for two HDD's made from carbonfibre plate with some soft material to dampen the sounds.
The custom made HDD ...
The innards of the case, as seen from the backside.
The innards of the c...
The back of the case.
The back of the case...
The left end of the case. Through the grill you can see the HDD's that have a  custom rack build to dampen noise.

From this picture you can maybe already see that the finnishing and sculpting are far from... umm... Actually I loved to leave the mark of a handmade item to it. It's handicraft.
The left end of the ...
Your basic frontview with a small LCD to tell a one point temperature; took it from our previous NOX CUBE case, and it's mainly for looks ;)
Right next to it are your basic USB and audio ports which are all cast in a handy plastic piece inside, thank you Silverstone for designing this FP32S model to save my day! The old audio jacks were broken in my old case.

On your right are the two leds; HDD & power. And next to them the power switch, made from a screw, to which I'll have a more detailed picture later on.

And last but not least a custom made DVD slot.
Very basic. Very boring? Maybe.
Your basic frontview...
My first computer case mod: iZenith. I won the first place of "The Coolest Case" competition in Assembly 2009 (summer). There were 18 participants, of which I sadly saw only three cases.

The main materials for this case are:
- plywood
- 2" by 2" pine
- 1mm brass plate

Surface and insides spraypainted (with can).

457mm(W) x 206mm(H) x 287(D)
My first computer ca...