Nick: Otso  Info
Age: 41



Title: Arcade Cabinét
Created: 30.09.2010 22:28
Currently ongoing project to create an tabletop arcade cabinet.
An upcoming project inspired by Japala from metku.net ,and my first doodling. Yes I like to draw small, and yes I've no clue what I´m actually going to do for the theme.

My ideas that I've played with in my head so far: Nintendo 8-bit theme, black&white (the colours not the game) theme, pure 80's theme with "neon light"-signs, a mix of everything that was cool in the 80's (transformers, The Goonies, Michael Jackson's "beat it", ANYTHING with ninjas, C64 Usagi yojimbo, huge shoulder pads and pink/black/white checkers. Oh man, The shops had only one brand of raisins and maybe two different chocolate bars... Please feel free to help by giving any ideas of the theme/outlook of the cabinet.

I am kinda fixated about the lower portions roundness, just to make it more special and stand out. But PLEASE HELP!
An upcoming project ...