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Uploaded: 14.12.2010 14:56
Categories: Other Computer Components

Jspec - Guess what UPS brought me today

Guess what UPS brought me today

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15.12.2010 19:19 JapalaI still don't trust SSDs for my important data. On the other hand I don't like to install even the operating system to one as I don't want to reinstall it soon. Speed alone is not a good enough reason for me to change away from the regular HDDs at the moment... :)
15.12.2010 15:41 JspecWindows 7 startup takes now about 15 seconds, including loading of most startup applications such as antivirus, firewall, ccc and whatnot
14.12.2010 21:35 JspecI'd say so yes, updated the latest firmware and installed a fresh system, so far so good. The speed is something else compared to plain old HDD's.
14.12.2010 18:43 nanoWorth it's weight in gold? Though ssds are pretty darn light :)
14.12.2010 16:33 JspecDingdingding! Crucial C300-series sata 6.0Gbps SSD it is =)
14.12.2010 16:30 EeroSSD!
14.12.2010 16:17 YarikoSticker?
14.12.2010 15:53 Blazaxa new hard-disk ?