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Title: Compucase Vol.1
Created: 29.09.2010 23:13
More training. :)
Antec inside.
Antec inside....
Got this Antec from friend of mine. :)
Got this Antec from ...
Nightshot. ...
120mm LED akasa. :) Looks nice. Had to remove one bolt away because the fan was too big. :D
120mm LED akasa. :) ...
Night & Dead Space. :) Poor looking LED. :DD It's more brighter than it looks.
Night & Dead Spa...
Finally got enough energy to make it liiittle bit better looking. Those bolts are horrible, going to change them soon. :D
Finally got enough e...
Cleaning process. :) Removed tons of dust and cleaned those wirings a little bit. You can see my one and only LED behind the power supply. (need better lights... coming!)
Cleaning process. :)...
Messy wirings. :)
Messy wirings. :) ...
First Casemod ever. Yea yea, its horrible. :D More training!
First Casemod ever. ...