Nick: Mthed  Info
Age: 35
Location: Uusikaupunki



Title: Aerocool
Created: 20.10.2006 20:54
First mod i have done. It has two 12cm uv-reacting fans at the side and a 14cm at the front. Also a akasa fan controller
In the front there's a 14cm fan with blue led's and  a Akasa fan controller
In the front there's...
Here's my first mod, it has 2 green uv-reactive 12cm fans on the side and also some light's that aren't in use right now,  'cause my PSU isn't working very well. The window is made out 3mm thick polycarbonate sheet wich i got for free at my dad's workplace. The framing is aluminum and i also painted the case inside and out with matte black.
Here's my first mod,...