Nick: Mthed  Info
Age: 35
Location: Uusikaupunki



Uploaded: 05.05.2009 21:29
Categories: Mice and Mousepads

Mthed - Another picture of the mx518

Another picture of the mx518

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07.05.2009 19:43 redstaryeah no prob, usually car paint works alot better for small stuff like a mouse and keyboard.
07.05.2009 19:35 MthedNope, i'll give it a try when i repaint it. Wich will be soon. Thanks for the tip.
07.05.2009 05:34 redstarHave you tried touch up paint for cars, its like spray paint but color coded for whatever car you choose.
06.05.2009 22:43 MthedStandard copper colored spray paint
06.05.2009 03:05 redstarwhat type of paint did you use?
05.05.2009 22:15 Mthedyeah, i'll try that. Thanks for the tip
05.05.2009 22:05 YarikoTough you could try to clean that logo with some Thinner for example, or use sandpaper and highlight the logo but the background stays coopper then, could look kinda cool.
05.05.2009 21:56 MthedYeah, i'll have to work on it.
05.05.2009 21:54 YarikoUrf... Dosen'tlook so good : | those "special" paints are always so bad quality :P Everything should be matt coloured, no shiny or blingy. And at leaast you should tried to cover the logo :(