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Age: 22
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Title: Ghetteblaster v3
Created: 15.02.2011 16:54

This is why i haven't finished my ghettoblaster yet.
This is why i haven'...
New ghettoblaster coming
New ghettoblaster co...

Title: ghetto blaster V2
Created: 07.10.2010 22:55

my new ghetto blaster without speakers
my new ghetto blaste...
my new ghetto blaster from the back
my new ghetto blaste...
ghetto blaster with front cover
ghetto blaster with ...
my new ghettoblaster from the front
my new ghettoblaster...

Title: my 'ghetto blaster'
Created: 05.07.2010 02:57

my ghetto blaster from the back.

my batteries are not there now becouse i have to get a new one.
my ghetto blaster fr...
thats my ghetto blaster and my cellfone :D
thats my ghetto blas...

Title: My computer
Created: 04.07.2010 21:10

New laptop finally!

HP Pavilion G6-1244SO
New laptop finally!...

Default album
HP Procurve 2324 And ATI Radeon HD 3850 that i found from a dumpster
HP Procurve 2324 And...
My HD 5770 just died. iMad
My HD 5770 just died...
Finally 3 screens and clean desk :D

And blame my Nokia n96 for bad quality, i didn't find my camera
Finally 3 screens an...
6.5 gigs of DDR1 memory :D
6.5 gigs of DDR1 mem...
IBM model M FTW!
IBM model M FTW!...
Theres nothing better than a win7 reinstallation at friday night
Theres nothing bette...
my current setup
my current setup...
Look what i found from a dumpster
Look what i found fr...