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Another modification? Yes.
Actually, I did a previous modification with a US Quarter (not posted) and decided to go upscale with a half dollar.
At least I've learned one thing - letting the coin melt the plastic until the coin is flush with the plastic makes an easier to use mouse.  Despite the appearance, this mouse is extremely easy to use.
Another modification...
Most electronics items today are probably being manufactured by robots.  One problem is that circuit boards have much thinner connections and smaller terminals.  It is very difficult to solder to these boards.
One solution I've found is to access the wires that usually connect one board to another.  I use a small knife to separate the wires and to remove the insulation.  Then I solder wires to these newly exposed wires.  This is a LOT easier than trying to make new connections to the circuit board.  (I'm sure a lot of you have probably used this solution.  Am I right?)
Most electronics ite...
Okay, here is yet another modification of the same mouse.  (Yeah, I'll admit it still looks kind of ugly but at least extra wires and connections can't be seen.
Yes, this will be modified again.
Okay, here is yet an...
Since I already posted two photos of computer mouse modifications, here is a guitar modification I did.  This photo is posted to show I do know how to do modifications properly and neatly.
Anyway, the guitar on the left isn't mine but it's the closest I could find to mine (on the right).
What I did was replace the pickups and the one switch which gives you three pickup choices - Neck, Bridge, both.
The guitar on the right has 7 switches for altering the tone of the guitar (72 different sounds).  I added an eighth switch to bypass the volume and tone controls to allow it to run "full blast" into the amp without turning the knobs.
Since I already post...
Okay, I figured this modification needed some improvement, so I sealed it up a little better.  
Compare this to the previous modification and you'll see an improvement.  
See? I do listen to those comments.
Okay, I figured this...
Here is a 2 wire replacement "switch" for the left mouse button.  You can read more about it at:  http://www.1728.com/mousemod.htm
Here is a 2 wire rep...