Nick: Samuliko  Info
Age: 26
Location: Nurmes



Uploaded: 15.09.2006 15:26
Categories: Single case mods

Samuliko - Window...


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14.11.2007 22:38 laurilrI like these windows! Good job dude! *5*
01.10.2007 08:28 nixariHieno ikkuna, tai ikkunat
01.10.2007 07:53 NiBamonupuolinen valastus.. jännä ikkuna. mistä idea?
24.09.2007 17:26 potkisCool case :) What case this is?
24.09.2007 17:24 potkisSpecs ? :)
25.10.2006 06:29 tunercompVery clean, very nice lighting.
27.09.2006 17:34 MthedLook's very nice, not too much light's and stuff on it. Some more pics would be nice though.
20.09.2006 12:55 drakminNow use the same theme for whole case, and it will look even nicer!
15.09.2006 16:38 JipaYes I like it :) Tho I would've possibly made one window over the ventilation holes...
15.09.2006 15:59 JapalaMuch better than these regular square ones...