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Title: Hitachi TRK-2200 E
Created: 19.07.2011 13:47
Boombox(?) project
2 x 9.6V 2600mAh  NiMH batterys
2 x 9.6V 2600mAh Ni...
Sure electronics 2 x 50W amplifier
Sure electronics 2 x...
Sure electronics 24 x 16 3mm LED matrix, I planned to replace the cassette player with it.
Sure electronics 24 ...
Old electronics, which I took off.
I apologize for the picture quality.
Old electronics, whi...
Visatons in place
Visatons in place...
Comparison to the old speakers
Comparison to the ol...
Visaton BG 17 6.5" full-range speakers with tweeter cones
Visaton BG 17 6.5&qu...
Hitachi TRK-2200 E
Hitachi TRK-2200 E...