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I've been playing around with Google SketchUp for a couple days now and starting to learn it a bit. Made this USB-cable today (or yesterday 'cos clock is over 12 :)) and it took about 45min to 1h to do it maybe.
I've been playing ar...
Old and new Zen :P (Zen Touch 20Gb and Zen 8Gb)
Old and new Zen :P (...
My desk.. sorry for bad quality. Taken with nokia6630 camera.

Dont say anything about using crt and tft together. I think it's normal... but I maybe buy 22" tft and throw that old crt out of the window :D Only why i use it that i dont have money to buy another tft at now.
Oh and you can see that new desing at the door. It's just some random tape what i found.
Comments please!! :P
Oh and btw I have birthday today o/ At last 18yo!!! :D
My desk.. sorry for ...
I won second prize from XFX x-mas competition :)
I won second prize f...