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Title: miniGhettoblaster
Created: 18.05.2011 17:12
Don't know whats that everyone wants to make their own ghettoblaster, but I made this project for school final project.
Insides of the ghettoblaster.

The amplifier chips are TDA2052 and batteries are 12V 1,2 Ah each. From the datasheet diagram it shows that it gives ~15wats/channel with +-12 voltage.

Circuits take about 60mA of juice, so together they take 120mA. Littlebit calculation and result is about 20hours of music nonstop.
Insides of the ghett...
Backside of ghettoblaster. All the electronics is fitted on the "hatch".
Backside of ghettobl...
My version of ghettoblaster. The PCB and actually everything is designed by me. Took me about 3 weeks to design and build it to its condition what its now. Had in my mind that I cover it with some fabric or something but now you guys have opportunity to see it naked :D.

The embedding in the frontpanel is designed for HTC Desire HD phone, but most mp3 etc.. fit there also.
My version of ghetto...

Title: Casemod
Created: 17.01.2008 17:20

Maybe better pic. Desk is little bit messy dont care about it.
Maybe better pic. De...
Ready ;)
Ready ;)
And close up
And close up...
Almost ready ;)
Almost ready ;)...
Little progress made...
Little progress made...
Making two 120mm blowholes to frontpanel...
Making two 120mm blo...
First layer of filler.
First layer of fille...
Making two blowholes to frontpanel.
Making two blowholes...

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I've been playing around with Google SketchUp for a couple days now and starting to learn it a bit. Made this USB-cable today (or yesterday 'cos clock is over 12 :)) and it took about 45min to 1h to do it maybe.
I've been playing ar...
Old and new Zen :P (Zen Touch 20Gb and Zen 8Gb)
Old and new Zen :P (...
My desk.. sorry for bad quality. Taken with nokia6630 camera.

Dont say anything about using crt and tft together. I think it's normal... but I maybe buy 22" tft and throw that old crt out of the window :D Only why i use it that i dont have money to buy another tft at now.
Oh and you can see that new desing at the door. It's just some random tape what i found.
Comments please!! :P
Oh and btw I have birthday today o/ At last 18yo!!! :D
My desk.. sorry for ...
I won second prize from XFX x-mas competition :)
I won second prize f...