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Title: New comp
Created: 27.04.2012 18:57

Quick photoshopping.. Maybe something like this?
Quick photoshopping....
I think this "blank slate" needs some decoration..
I think this "b...
Vibration free attachement for 2 hdd's
Vibration free attac...
Behind. Psu fan hole and little hole for cables
Behind. Psu fan hole...
Update on the "forever project" -case. Got the side panels ready except for paint. Frame still needs feet too.
Update on the "...
Side attaches to the frame with these. below is a "hook" for the lower edge. The round thing is a magnet that goes into the hole on the frame, which has a steel plate bottom. Smaller magnets might have been better, these stick so hard you need a screwdiver or something to pry out the side panel.
Side attaches to the...
Side open
Side open
Closed. still need to paint the sides..
Closed. still need t...
Behind. Need to find some rubber hemlining or something for the grill
Behind. Need to find...
A little update. Powder coating rocks.
A little update. Pow...
The MB-connectors face upwards with power supply, and are hidden by the mesh. And yes, the weldings are terrible. My first time with TIG and aluminium.. also did not know how to adjust the settings :D
The MB-connectors fa...
Apple much? This is only basecoat but I'm half a mind to leave it white and make a bitten pear logo for the front. But seriously, color suggestions?
Apple much? This is ...