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Age: 31
Location: Helsinki


User info:
Full name: Antti Auvinen
Homepage: http://kapsi.fi/~sciatic
Age: 31
Location: Finland, Helsinki
A kid from Helsinki, Finland that does stuff like:
- Photography
- Web design (see my homepage :o)
- Drawing
- Music (I listen to it and also play the piano)

Hopes to do modding in the near future. Still a bit of a noob :P

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Ghettoblaster 2.0a, our second try at building a portable audio system. This time we decided to go with a mono design since we could use the whole case as a box for the only bass speaker instead of having to divide it into two sections, which would result to less bass ;) We calculated everything this time, so the vents in the front tune the box to the exact frequency we want it to.

Specs for version 2 are:
* 20x45x30 cm
* Bass: Visaton W 170 S 4
* Tweeter: Visaton SC 10 N
* Amplifier: TDA1562 (50W)
* 10Ah 12V lead acid battery

This time we added a removable back plate for field maintenance, which was impossible in the first blaster, since it was all glued together permanently :P All the parts are installed with machine screws instead of wood screws so that everything is interchangeable afterwards.

This is 2.0a since it still needs finishing on the paint job, the preamplifier isn't functioning right now, and it will have a few features added, such as:

* a bottle opener
* 2x 12V outputs
* 2x USB ports for charging
* a mixer for two separate audio signals
* mic input

(Suomeksi ei jaksa millään nyt kirjotella :D)

The first field testings were carried through on "vappu", a finnish spring celebration, and the results were more than promising :)
Ghettoblaster 2.0a, ...

(pullo ei liity asiaan/the bottle has nothing to do with the project)

Suunnitelmissa myös rakentaa vähä isompi malli, pyöris 10kg paino nurkissa

I'm also planning to build a bigger model since I have a 10kg weight lying around
Sängynaluslaatikot, näistäki ehkä pientä projektilokia joskus

Storage boxes, will maybe post a project log some day
Sängynaluslaatikot, ...
Lankalaukaisin kameraan (EOS 350D), ruma on mutta toimii. Lukkiutuvalla napilla saa käsivalotuksen, kaks painonappia on tarkennus/laukaisu.

Remote for camera (EOS 350D), it's ugly but it works.
Lankalaukaisin kamer...
Kirjakirjahyllyt, koetan ehtiä kirjotella projektilokia joskus :P

Book book shelves, I'll try to write a project log some day :P
Kirjakirjahyllyt, ko...
Ghettoblaster 1.0, aika rujosti rakennettu, nyt suunnitteilla uusi versio uusilla elementeillä (vain vahvistin säilyy)

Ghettoblaster 1.0, pretty crudely built, I'm now planning to make a new version with new speaker elements (only the amplifier will remain of this version)
Ghettoblaster 1.0, a...
Joo tein nää tässä pari vuotta sitten, kaks ihan perus muistikammanpuolikkaista tehtyä avaimenperää, toinen tällä hetkellä käytössä, tosin kaksi sivummaista mikropiiriä irronneet, pian aika vaihtaa tohon toiseen. Pitihän tätä uutta galleriaa päästä testaamaan ^^

So, just two keychains made of some RAM ^^
Joo tein nää tässä p...