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Title: DIY Cnc Router
Created: 11.09.2009 23:02
Cutting area about 60cmx60cmx10cm
Parking Disc. Cut from 4mm plywood, about 15cm x 17cm.
This doesn't comply to the standards required by the law so you could get a ticket when using it. I didn't know about the standard when designing this thought.

Plans available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3955
Parking Disc. Cut fr...
Gearset test. Gears cut from 4mm plywood and screwed down to a scrap piece of MDF board.
Gearset test. Gears ...
Streetmap of Hervanta. 15mm plywood. 3mm deep grooves cut with 3mm endmill. About 37cm x 35cm
Streetmap of Hervant...
Heightmap of Kauai island. 15mm plywood, about 40cm x 35cm
Heightmap of Kauai i...
The box.
The box.
I made a wooden/plastic box to surround the router and keep all the dust in. Unfortunately the plastic I used for most of  the surfaces is not transparent enought to see the monitor from inside the box. So I had to cut a hole and use Cellophane to make a window of sorts. Also had to buy wireless keyboard & mouse so I can operate the machine both from inside & outside with ease.

It gets very hot, dusty and sometimes even smoky inside.
I made a wooden/plas...
All new Z-axis using suported linear rails and bearing blocks. All parts were cut with the router itself. This version is a huge improvement in rigidity over the last generation. I can now do some light engraving/V-carving 3-4 times faster and get similar results.

There are also smaller upgrades to the Y and X axis to increase rigidity.
All new Z-axis using...
Machining time about 51 minutes. Cutting precision is currently about 0,5mm. 
I have planned some upgrades (reinforcing the frame etc.) that should improve it even more, next target could be same accuracy but 100% faster feedrates :)
Nokia E51 is for size reference, the diameter is about 21cm
Machining time about...
V-Carving test. The diameter is about about 15cm
Also new video:
V-Carving test. The ...
Several improvements.
Several improvements...
Up and running
Up and running...
Waiting for stepper motors and final assembly.
Waiting for stepper ...