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Age: 33
Location: Helsinki

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Uploaded: 01.09.2009 23:26
Categories: Handicrafts | Tools | Electronics

metalfusion - Up and runninghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgBfy_HLo3I

Up and running

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02.09.2009 19:56 isthejakevery amazing stuff. cut aluminum?
02.09.2009 18:44 BenaHNice. I just could not watch the video though. :/ I had dentist today and got my 2 of my teeth fixed and it hurt when I heard the black and orange machine noise. Sounded like the tooth drill... :/
02.09.2009 15:43 PazziThat's so damn awesome! How much does it take time to do model with computer?
02.09.2009 10:12 drakminI have co-tech router too :D
02.09.2009 01:00 Jipaohmigosh and you still aren't dead? Grats.