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Title: Active speakers
Created: 02.01.2007 22:23
Small active speakers using Aura 3" full-range unit and linkwitz transform to extend the bass response
Here's the combined response of the speakers. Measured with home-made mic using panasonic/monacor capsule, so you can't trust the curve 100%, although it's close to truth. The metal cone resonances can be clearly seen + the rising response from midrange and up because of the lack of any baffle-step circuitry.
Here's the combined ...
There's a red led in the filter board, installed to the plywood back plate. The light travels through optical fibre to the front plate
There's a red led in...
The actual boxes are clock radios from clas ohlson :) They were so well made, that I didn't bother to build my own, saved some trouble :) Everything else is self-made. The white front and back plates I  made out of plywood.
The actual boxes are...
I made these speakers, sort of, for portable use with laptop etc
I made these speaker...
The speakers use linkwitz transform to extend the bass response. They can produce bass down to 50 or 60 Hz, which is very low for a 3" speaker in one litre box :) Thus the amplifier lacks some power. I used a TDA7375, which isn't really optimal for this kind of use.
The speakers use lin...
Amplifier and filter are built in the right speaker. I made the power supply external, in the Seasonic atx power supply box.. The actual Seasonic supply was used in the htpc -project.
Amplifier and filter...