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Batmobile PC - Dark  This is as dark as it gets, 10 white LEDs put out quite a bit of light.  The red glow underneath is a 80MM fan to exhaust the hot air from the power supply.
Batmobile PC - Dark ...
Batmobile PC - Dark - Rear
Batmobile PC - Dark ...
Batmobile PC
Batmobile PC...
Batmobil Tumbler PC
Batmobil Tumbler PC...
Batmobile Tumbler PC
Started with a 1/6 scale Batmobile RC 
AMD Sempron 2800+ 
40 gig HD
736 Megs DDR 400 ram
This is the computer I use for websurfing
Total build time was about 1.5 months
All lighting done with LEDs
7 HD activity LEDs
Batmobile Tumbler PC...