Nick: batfan06  Info
Age: 64



Uploaded: 27.10.2006 21:45
Categories: Full case

batfan06 - Batmobil Tumbler PC

Batmobil Tumbler PC

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23.02.2010 19:09 newToni5 points! freaking cool!
06.03.2007 22:28 XtazeyThat's so fricking unbelievably cool
11.12.2006 20:09 vikiNICE!!
29.10.2006 11:58 ZIPDriveThe Batmobil itself is cool, but this with a PC in it is unbelievable! Awesome work!
28.10.2006 02:14 goatwareok, that's just f*cking awesome.
28.10.2006 01:23 JipaHe says on the other pic's text that the case is a 1/6 scale batmobile. It still looks cool imo :) But take the dark shot
27.10.2006 22:49 drakminIs the car selfmade, or some toycar or rc? Looks really neat!
27.10.2006 22:37 JapalaPicture in dark would be great. :)