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Title: Led string light
Created: 28.08.2007 21:19
Led string light
Led string light...
Led string light.
Led string light....
Led string light.
Led string light....

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Wire mess... and no, I'm not going to clean it up :)
Wire mess... and no,...
Skull waterfall and colour changing mistmaker.
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Zalman VF700-CU and liebermann 80mm fan mod and the card is Sapphire X800 GTO.
Zalman VF700-CU and ...
My system.
My system.
My system.
My system.

Tuuletinsäädin kiertokytkimellä ja kasalla diodeja. Ulostulot 12V,10.50V,9V,8.25V,6,75V ja 5,25V. Dualcolor ledi palaa vihreänä,oranssina ja punasena riippuen kytkimen asennosta. 


Rotary switch fancontroller. Outputs 12V,10.50V,9V,8.25V,6,75V ja 5,25V. Dualcolor led indicating on green,orange or red depending the speed