Nick: Scaleo  Info
Age: 24



Uploaded: 17.02.2008 18:11
Categories: Full case

Scaleo - Tein ikkunan huvikseen.I made window.

Tein ikkunan huvikseen.

I made window.

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18.06.2009 02:30 eeetuuhhmm.. put that light ( 90 degrees ) to up :P laita toi sivus oleva valo ylš reunaan:P
22.04.2008 16:00 qwertylooks like very simple
27.02.2008 18:15 VaraosaOh, my eyes...;)
27.02.2008 18:15 VaraosaOh, my eyes...;)
19.02.2008 13:56 kazooWell i like big windows just like this, but i don't like very much those windows wich are made by microsoft..
18.02.2008 20:16 NiBaSomeone pretend put green catodes instead of blue... ;)
18.02.2008 01:38 ScaleoI like this...
18.02.2008 01:20 bluebrightNo shapes eh?
17.02.2008 22:40 aMiga"Location: NEUVOSTOLIITTO" ROFLMAO!:D
17.02.2008 22:39 aMigatoo big:(
17.02.2008 19:48 nanoYou could of measured the window so that the psu and hdd cage would of been hidden...