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Age: 41
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Title: LIAN LI V1000B Plus
Created: 27.02.2008 16:17
couple of pics of mine polished (not much) aluminum Lian Li V1000B plus
Case after polishing, some cable routing, i'm changing the hardware right now so it's not like this anymore , changing the psu, the mobo, cpu, vga. shot wih flash and without
Case after polishing...

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Cooler Master Mystique 632 

Added 2x120mm fans @ 1000Rpm for vga cooling, and 2x92mm for ram cooling.
Cooler Master Mystiq...
hammock  for the hard drive ;] 

rubber bands "encased" in some kind of material , that way they dont "age" and dry out. (they are used for underwear ;p)
hammock for the har...
one of my old cases
one of my old cases ...