Nick: BARTMAN  Info
Age: 40
Location: Graudenz



Uploaded: 27.02.2007 14:16
Categories: Full case

BARTMAN - one of my old cases

one of my old cases

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06.03.2007 15:16 BARTMANactually i sold that case b/c it was tooo big for my needs, it's Newance Triplecone , on the bottom is a LED display, it has 3 temperature sensors built in, the other two buttons are POWER and RESET, inside of the case is plenty of space, good design that you can't see on this pic, it has just the same good layout as the Antec P180
28.02.2007 20:54 drakminWould never put my pc inside a case resembling one-note subwoofers :D Some own ideas please, for the people designing this crap :D
28.02.2007 07:01 ErrtuThat is really funny! It minds me of old cheap subwoofers everybody had back in the 90's. =)