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Uploaded: 04.10.2007 09:52
Categories: Cooling

GSX - Opteron 1210. Lapped.

Opteron 1210. Lapped.

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06.12.2008 00:11 jumatuseHow much time did u use? :D
04.10.2007 15:06 GSXI agree with that, it must be flat.
04.10.2007 14:31 HaoKiWell I've read about a couple different approaches on this. In the end the most important thing is that the surfaces are flat...:)
04.10.2007 14:23 GSXAs I understand, you dont want direct metal to metal contact. But instead you want a thin film of grease to do the transfer. I might be wrong tho.
04.10.2007 11:59 HaoKiNot that it matters that much though. This is a nicely lapped Cpu for sure...:)
04.10.2007 11:58 HaoKiThat's a nice shine...:) But if my memory serves me correctly, getting a mirror shine might not the be most efficient way. This way the only thing that transfers heat from the cpu to the block will be thermalgrease. With a some what courser lapping the metal of the cpu would actually connect to the heatsink without the thermalgrease in between.
04.10.2007 11:03 GSXI heard on the interweb, that teh mirror will reflect heat very well. :D
04.10.2007 10:57 ErrtuWhy did you install mirror on your heatsink? =D
04.10.2007 10:13 it should be quite straight now.. shine+++ :)