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Uploaded: 26.10.2007 13:06
Categories: Full case | Cooling

GSX - The project was scrapped for now, due to a better case option. It's at about 90% complete.

The project was scrapped for now, due to a better case option. It's at about 90% complete.

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08.11.2007 13:48 Akameyep ocz 4200.. nice rig :) custom h2o cooling?
06.11.2007 11:15 GSXThe rad is a six pass 1/2" transmission cooler. The fans are 80mm bolted together. You can see from my other tests that it was very effective @ 37c load after 15hrs orthos. The new case just got 2 new rads which wil make temps even better, pics soon.
06.11.2007 10:58 ErrtuIs that radiator from car? Like heater unit to cabin intake. And fans to it seems like to be HDD cooler?
28.10.2007 02:21 GSXI don't want to push on right now, as I won't be able to put in the detail I want. The new case must get priority , and I just don't have time for both. Not to mention I still owe Japala 2 promised projects. Hope the Antec will be worthy.....
28.10.2007 02:14 GSXYea, I know. It's really bugging me that it won't be finished anytime soon.
28.10.2007 02:04 willekwell.. you really should finish it :)
28.10.2007 01:58 GSXWow, a 3? Thats a bit harsh :D
28.10.2007 01:43 willek5 for the quality and craftmanship. 4 for the colorscheme. 3 for using watercooling, 2 for hugeness, 1 for not finishing it. :( So its a solid 3 from me :)
28.10.2007 01:31 GSXIt really could be.
27.10.2007 05:38 bluebrightneed to be bigger. Theres no space to put anything.
27.10.2007 04:08 GSXOh and it's at 35C under load@3Ghz!!
27.10.2007 04:06 GSXThe PC is, ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe, Opteron 1210@3ghz, 2gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer, ATI Radeon x1950xtx, 2x160gb Raid0, 2x250gb Raid0(the other 2 didn't fit in this one)
27.10.2007 04:02 GSXCooling wise, I have a Liang D series pump, D-tek CPU block, DangerDen Tyee GPU block, custom reservoir, custom radiator. Cost are about $250 not including the radiator and reservoir as they're custom apps.
27.10.2007 04:02 GSXHjalmar: The case is not oging to be destroyed. It will be put away in the closet and maybe get a nice AMD Quad for it one day :D
26.10.2007 20:24 s0lidThat is one big case :)
26.10.2007 20:18 vikiSo f*ckin nice !
26.10.2007 19:05 hjalmarand what exatcly do you have in this case ?
26.10.2007 19:05 hjalmari'd like to know how much did this cooling cost ? cus i like this kinda water cooling :)
26.10.2007 18:59 hjalmarthis would have been somthing nice :) cuz new cases are somthing that i dont like to "destroy" as soon as i get one :)
26.10.2007 15:40 YoshiThis is what i call HEAVY water :)
26.10.2007 14:54 GSXIt's sad that it won't get finished, but I picked up a Antec P182 Special Ed case. Now that one will be clean! It's the most expensive case I ever owned, so I'm going to be extra anal :P
26.10.2007 14:48 GSXI got it local. I have no idea who makes it, except that it was manufactured in 1995 ;D
26.10.2007 14:37 MthedVery nice and clean look. Where did you get that case?
26.10.2007 13:34 LcdloNice idea for hiding hdd wires. Looks good, and clean setup.