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Uploaded: 14.11.2007 06:47
Categories: Full case | Cooling

GSX - The top is done!

The top is done!

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23.11.2007 13:57 LcdloOh, that's nicely fitted part then. I'll keep my eyes on this project.
15.11.2007 23:36 GSXI didn't bend anyting. The sides that you see are part of the side panels.
15.11.2007 16:52 laurilrI love this! So cool. *5*
15.11.2007 08:51 LcdloVery good looking, did you use orinal plate as a model, to bend those curves in the sides?
15.11.2007 08:10 GSXI'll try to get a pic up. Tho it's not 100% finished(no leds), and the plexi is a bit beat up as I made it a while ago.
14.11.2007 21:04 drakminCould you show your transtft? I'm interested :D
14.11.2007 08:32 GSXThe pics are not of the best quality, as I just shot them without setting up lights.
14.11.2007 08:32 GSXIt's smoked plexi. The small one is a fill port, I'll post a pic in a second. The screen on the left is a transtft mod, on the right is my tv.
14.11.2007 08:29 JapalaI would say that both pics are bit out of focus/contain some motion blur. With this kind of lighting tripod is your best friend. :)
14.11.2007 07:53 ErrtuThis pic is better in my opinion. Is that made from black or very dark smoked plexi? Is that smalles one filling hole? Nicelly done! But what is that plexiglass doing in front of your TV screen?