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Uploaded: 14.11.2007 06:48
Categories: Full case | Cooling

GSX - The custom top.

The custom top.

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15.11.2007 15:26 WiltsuGood work GSX
15.11.2007 08:09 GSXThere will be no fans on that side. There will be 3 on the other side of the rad, blowing up and through it. Yea the mesh is almost exact to the one you used on embryo zero.
14.11.2007 21:01 drakminjust leave couple of centimeter between the fans and that grill and it will work... I think I have really similar mesh in my case and atleast it let's air through just ok.
14.11.2007 17:40 GSXI might polish them up, if I don't replace them with something more open and free flowing.
14.11.2007 17:12 Japalapolishing/chroming would be nice...
14.11.2007 17:01 WeZapolish them ;)
14.11.2007 15:49 GSXYea, they're a bit small. I might change them if the flow is bad, or remove them completely.
14.11.2007 14:48 vikiYea I was looking that 2 ;P
14.11.2007 09:03 YoshiAwesome :) But are those grill holes too small ? :/
14.11.2007 08:43 HenkruNice.