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Uploaded: 20.11.2007 10:45
Categories: Full case | Cooling

GSX - The loop!

The loop!

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20.11.2007 17:51 HaoKiAnd the bubbles really start get irritating after a while because the keep a lot of noise when going around the loop...:D
20.11.2007 17:46 JipaAdding air bubles to the loop on purpose sounds pretty pants-on-head retarded if you ask me...
20.11.2007 17:40 HaoKiWell the foam really does subside... I had the same problem when filling my current loop up...:)
20.11.2007 17:30 srloll3rMake some air bubbles in there so it would look like a lava lamp :D
20.11.2007 17:15 GSXI guess it would, but the system had a bad bleed. Now I fixed it so I might give it another try.
20.11.2007 16:39 HaoKiAh...:) Well wouldn't the foam just "dissappear" after most to the air is gone from the loop?
20.11.2007 15:48 GSXI'm going to try and figure something out, as I really want that orange.
20.11.2007 15:47 GSXI did use it indeed, it also looked great(pink in ambiant, bright orange under uv). The problem was foam tho.
20.11.2007 15:12 HaoKiI think the liquid didn't come out that good when mixed in bigger quantities...It foamed and looked like crap?
20.11.2007 14:30 naake1Why didnt you put in that orange liquid?
20.11.2007 13:46 GSXThe blue stuff is called smart coil(if I'm not mistaken). It keeps the tubing from colapsing in very tight bends. This one didn't really need it, but I used it anyway.
20.11.2007 13:20 bluebright* sorry, you ment all the other photos...say GSX, what's that blue bit spun around the tube?
20.11.2007 13:18 bluebrightcrap photo? it still looks brilliant to me.
20.11.2007 10:46 GSXAll the photos i took tonight came out like crap(lighting), so this is all I got today.