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Uploaded: 27.11.2007 11:19

GSX - Tried something new for the tubing... UV on.

Tried something new for the tubing... UV on.

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12.12.2007 20:39 Akameheh n_n too bad :)
28.11.2007 10:18 akeehDSC-T50 seems to have an optical image stabilization so it helps in free hand photographing.
28.11.2007 10:04 drakmin'good photos are all about camera' not
28.11.2007 05:56 GSXYoshi: All the pictures that I ever posted here were done freehand. As for lighting, there was a little ambiant on the other side of the room.
28.11.2007 05:54 GSXs0lid: It's heatshink.
27.11.2007 21:02 JipaI suppose he doesn't... Extra light would kill the UV-effect.
27.11.2007 19:53 YoshiI cant believe this is taken freehand :o When i take pictures with my Minolta X60 i always use a pocket sized tripod to get sharp pictures. Do you use special light with these pics ? I dont :S
27.11.2007 18:31 vikiOkey thanks for information :)
27.11.2007 18:06 s0lidHey what's end of those pipes??? I mean the black part...
27.11.2007 16:09 GSXIt's a sony DCS-T50. Free hand, no tripods here :P
27.11.2007 15:37 vikiGSX, what camera are u using ? Man it takes so good quality pictures :P
27.11.2007 12:17 GSXThe fisnet thing crossed my mind too :D
27.11.2007 12:17 GSXYep, I too like the overall look. Tho that orange coolant is still haunting me... Also this does act like spiral wrap(kinda), it keeps the tubes from kinking.
27.11.2007 12:06 CircusactLOL. first thing I thought was... Fishnet Stockings... A "true" way to "pimp" your PC...
27.11.2007 12:03 drakmini'd like to see some leather covered pipes in future :D
27.11.2007 12:03 drakminyeah this is the way to go, really
27.11.2007 11:31 HaoKiThis looks pretty good...:)
27.11.2007 11:26 JipaI like these much more than the basic spiral wrap.