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Uploaded: 15.12.2007 08:20
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GSX - Finally here..

Finally here..

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15.12.2007 22:38 GSXYes, but 237, and 350 is a big diff. Not to metion the difference is rather minimal. Few more pipes and a cooler is not worth the price to me. As for high resolution gaming, it's all about the vram(and they have the same amount).
15.12.2007 21:20 YoshiThe local computer store has +15x 8800GTS G92 on stock at the moment ;)
15.12.2007 21:17 lallan7Boys & girls, check www.idealo.de. I'ts like 'mbnet/hintareuranta' in Germany. Very competitive prices w fast delivery to EU countries (most of the stores).
15.12.2007 21:14 lallan7Well it depends, if i'd be using higher resolutions, i would rather go with G92 8800gts..
15.12.2007 15:29 Jipa"available" that is... Availability is pretty theoretical if getting one takes something between a week and two months :)
15.12.2007 14:07 lallan7: actuallu the 8800GTS G92 cards are already available in stores
15.12.2007 13:31 Jipa8800GTS is more expensive and not that much faster really.. Pretty much the same 3dmark/price-ratio.
15.12.2007 13:18 lallan7You should have wait a bit longer for buying a new card. G92 8800gts is soon here..
15.12.2007 12:25 GSXI did oc it a bit.. To like 720/1100 lol. 3150mhz on the opty. I need to get into the mid 11's and vista is not helping..
15.12.2007 11:44 JipaSo the XFX Alpha Dog ft. X6800 @ 3 GHz got about 10% more. Stupid 3dmark06 with it's CPU tests :P
15.12.2007 11:29 GSXSo I just benched it....Don't laught C2D owners. 10,726 on 3dmark06..
15.12.2007 11:04 GSXThe fan is no problem for me, it will be on water very soon.
15.12.2007 11:03 GSX237.99USD
15.12.2007 10:33 metalfusionLucker, It seems I'm getting mine 11.1.2008! Or later... :(
15.12.2007 10:29 Yoshihow much did you pay for that ?
15.12.2007 10:29 Yoshiaww, old revision with small fan :E
15.12.2007 08:22 potkis8800 GT :O