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Uploaded: 15.12.2007 12:27
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18.02.2008 03:04 GSXIt's not the memory at all. The two Gt's score almost the same at lower resolutions. Once you go high with like 1920x1200 you will see the 512 come out on top. So yea it's the cpu at 2.3 that is causing that.
17.02.2008 10:25 JipaLol @ 8500. I don't think the memory size is affecting the score all that much, it's just the damn AMD..
17.02.2008 09:50 naake1i get 8500 with my oppy 170 2.3ghz and 8800gt 256mb
17.12.2007 11:34 GSXIt will have to be a c2d of some sort.
17.12.2007 11:32 GSXYea, that's not exactly semi cheap.
17.12.2007 11:19 HaoKiWell just about every new q6600 g0 will hit 3,8ghz...
17.12.2007 08:28 GSXSimple answer, because it's AMD :P I'm so close to going c2d it's not even funny. I just need to find the perfect(semi cheap) chip that will hit atleat 3.8 and I'm there.
16.12.2007 13:11 HaoKiThe cpu tests are fairly heavily weighed on the 06 version of 3dmark and they affect the score alot.
16.12.2007 12:16 viki... how the hell it gives u only 10k with rig like that ?
15.12.2007 22:44 GSXYea, it's 06 and it's a bit sad.
15.12.2007 20:56 vikiIs it 3DMark06... cant see :D Lol, but I guess it is :P
15.12.2007 13:41 JipaSure that'll ease his AMD-pain :D Way to go Yoshi.
15.12.2007 13:40 YoshiOnly 10k ? :O