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Uploaded: 03.01.2008 12:06
Categories: Cooling

GSX - 8800GT, D-Tek Fuzion, Custom machined RAM and VRM sinks.

8800GT, D-Tek Fuzion, Custom machined RAM and VRM sinks.

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10.02.2008 20:49 Akamethat D-tek fuzion is so sexy : D i would buy one of those if i could, but no one sells them here in finland : <
30.01.2008 08:39 GSXWell now they do, but they sure as hell didn't when I got them. Glad to see Iandh getting around tho, he does amazing work
29.01.2008 17:04 ErrtuPetra has them on sale.. http://www.petrastechshop.com/cu88cokitbyi.html
04.01.2008 03:11 GSXI used full coverage blocks on my xtx, and it was a waste of money.. There is no need to watercool ram, nor the v regs..
04.01.2008 03:10 GSXWillek: I know what you mean, but it came down to cost and machine time. If the fins were any thinner, it would have take more passes with smaller tools. This would drive up the price considerably. This also was tested on volt moded gt's with very promising results. Let's just say that the person who made this knows what he's doing. I'm trusting it :D
04.01.2008 00:39 HaoKiWell that's another reason to get a universal block like this...;)
04.01.2008 00:36 laurilrNiiice :) I don't want to use my money for GPU bloks because i change my GPU pretty often :D
04.01.2008 00:34 willekThe "fins" on the sinks are quite thick, and widely spaced, so they dont have much surface area.. I donīt doubt that the ramsink isnīt enough, but the power transformer sink may be too small.
04.01.2008 00:07 HaoKiReally waiting to see your nb solution for the bloodiron. :)
03.01.2008 23:54 GSXI got my NB sinks for the bloodiron today, so I'll post that later.
03.01.2008 23:54 GSXIn my optinion this is the best option without going full coverage.
03.01.2008 23:53 GSXThey have more surfae area than any stick on sink. Not to mention this stuff is bolted on and not glued.
03.01.2008 23:40 FinderPinta-ala=surface area
03.01.2008 22:58 naake1the ram and vrm heatsinks dont have alot pintaala
03.01.2008 16:45 Yoshii understand some watercooling and i can say that these are quite nice piece of hardware :)
03.01.2008 15:03 bluebrightlooks sexy
03.01.2008 13:18 JipaEven I don't understand anything about watercooling... Teh pr0n :) damn that looks nice.
03.01.2008 12:29 GSXOrdered them from a guy that makes them. Bit limited, as I have not seen them in any stores.
03.01.2008 12:26 HaoKiNice! Did you order or make those sinks?